Starless Frontier

Weapons Modules

Instead of relying on hard-mounted weapons like conventional warships, the Archemedon class carries a complement of four free-floating modules capable of mounting weapons, scientific instruments, or any other mission-specific payload. Here is a rundown of the weapons modules currently in-game.

Planned add-ons include a Grappler Beam, a continuous-fire TACM, Gravimetric Sensor (test masses on tether behind ship for enhanced sensors inside nebulae), and more.

TACM Cannon

Energy-based weapon found as the main armament on most modern ships of war. Two powerful magnetic field coils align clusters of hydrogen atoms directly in front of a high-yield laser, which provides enough energy to break the hydrogen bonds and release a thunderbolt of energy capable of punching through all but the toughest armor.

Missile Launcher

One might think that missiles would be out of place on a battlefield equipped with powerful energy weapons capable of shooting down oncoming projectiles, but this old standby is invulnerable to the weaknesses of the TACM: degredation from nebula gases, depolarizing magnetic coils, and the occasional module blowout. Semi-intelligent computers on board each launcher fly the missile manually to its target to ensure a clean hit.

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