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Posted by emanresU at 6:33 am on Jan 19, 2009
Wow, Im sorry I just noticed you posted. :-P Yeah-you got a point.... Mistap's been workin on SF somewhat, recently. Im excited!... :)

Posted by x2wolf at 8:51 pm on Nov 24, 2008
Right now mistap should be working on either real work or the level editor. He has told me that he expects to get some more work done on the level editor during Thanksgiving break (a friend at the same college as him). Think of this: if he finishes the level editor, he might have more time to get those screenshots, and he will he have the full tools ready to make most of those screenshots.

Posted by emanresU at 7:08 pm on Sep 21, 2008
*room is totally pitch dark and you are completely alone, drinking a glass of root beer, sitting at your desk. It's just 5 after 11 at night, and your computer monitor is dark. Suddenly, you feel a cold rush of air rush through your open window, and it chills the back of your neck. All becomes still, and silent. So still...that you could hear your own heart beating... Suddenly two hands gently touch your shoulders, some long, whispey hair breezes over your right shoulder and you feel the warm breath on your cheek, of a soft voice whisper.... "We'd love some new screenshots to toy with...."

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