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Posted by mistap at 4:06 am on Sep 24, 2008
I've uploaded two shots of the level editor. Been working on a little more detailed document on how the level editor works-will post this soon.

Posted by mistap at 12:50 pm on Sep 15, 2008
Hey. This is a surprise. i didn't know anyone even looked here lol.
SF is coming okay. I have been really busy with school and haven't worked on it in a few weeks. I am ~80% done with the new sf level editor in Darkbasic. I will try to post some screenshots in the next few days.

Posted by ALPHAPARTICLE at 10:12 pm on Sep 11, 2008
Hey, I remember you from the old days of RAD v5.2...Always wanted to try your game. Just wondering how it's coming - I'm running Vista, so no 3drad.exe. Thanks!

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