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Posted by tha_rami at 2:22 am on Feb 3, 2008
DarkBASIC is an awesome programming language. I used to do some minor chores for Starwraith 3D Games, which also creates space simulations in DarkBASIC. Currently I am employed by MISoft Studios. I work on several projects in the language, ranging from a Organized Crime, a turnbased crime simulation game to a text-based adventure by the name of Eternal Equinox. Do sign up at the forums at: and join in on the madness - I'll be around, same nickname there as here ;).

Posted by mistap at 5:18 am on Jan 22, 2008
Considering phase is over...DarkBasic caught my eye. I've already constructed a DB level editor which practically automates all the choreography that Starless Frontier relies on and am currently porting over the game itself.

Posted by tha_rami at 6:31 pm on Jan 21, 2008
What engines are you considering?

Posted by mistap at 11:34 pm on Jan 18, 2008
The old 3drad is not compatible with vista :(. Sorry. I am working on porting it to another engine that supports Vista.

Posted by tha_rami at 7:05 am on Jan 18, 2008
Hey there, Downloaded your game as it looked pretty interesting, then installed it succesfully. However, at trying to run it, I recieve an immediate crash of 3dradexe.exe. I'm running Windows Vista, would that explain anything?

Posted by mistap at 1:46 pm on Dec 5, 2007
Hm...that's a new one.
I hate to tell you, but your download may have been corrupted. The installer has worked fine on every other machine that it's been downloaded on.

Posted by Drew at 8:15 am on Nov 28, 2007
It wouldn't even attempt to install man, "this file contains invalid data." That's all it says, once I click okay or anything on the error dialog, nothing happens. Using windows XP home SP2.

Posted by Mistap at 10:54 pm on Sep 14, 2007
Find any bugs in the demo? Post them here. Try to be as specific as possible as to where/when the bug "level 1 while fighting the chimera".
We need user bug reports to continue to improve the game. Please help us!

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